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Olive oil manufacturer company! We have been producing olive oil since 1977. If you haven’t met us yet, We can say that you have missed a lot.


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Purpose of Olive Oil Manufacturer

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Olive oil production is a great passion for us. Our biggest goal is to produce the best quality and healthy olive oil. We know that olive oil producers carry out an important task in terms of human health. This duty is to deliver the olives collected from the branch safely to the dinning table. For this reason, we transform our carefully grown olives into olive oil in our own squeezing factory without subjecting them to any chemical treatment. Afterwards, we fill in 1/2 liter, 1 liter, 5 liter and 18 liter packages with our fully automatic filling machines. Eventually, this is how the interesting journey of olive oil that comes to your dinning table begins.

Olive Oil Company

We produce extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, cold-pressed olive oil, organic olive oil and stone-pressed olive oil.

Bulk Olive Oil

We sell the olive oils that we produce wholesale. We export to many countries of the world.

Olive Oil Manufacturers

Collaboration opportunity for wholesalers and food suppliers interested in olive oil trade.

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