Olive Oil

The olive oil page displays the products we produce under the Taha Kervan brand. Thus, We strive to provide the best service to our customers with different packaging and product types. If you want to sell olive oil with your own brand you are at the right place. Because, we produce private label. Eventually, If you are ready, you can start to review our products.

500 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml Virgin Olive Oil

1000 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taha Kervan 1 L Virgin Olive Oil

1000 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5000 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 L Virgin Olive Oil

Taha Kervan Virgin Olive Oil 18 L

18 L Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We have briefly listed the products we offer under the Taha Kervan brand. You will appreciate that the usage habits of each country differ. For this reason, if you want to sell in a different packaging in your own country, we understand. We can also do special packaging and label work for you. This applies to orders in large quantities. It would be useful to ask the minimum order quantity for private label production before ordering.

Olive oil manufacturer announces general information about olive oil and special information about our Taha Kervan brand under this heading. If you have any other question or if you want to publish an article on this site so, please contact us.

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