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We produce olive oil under the brand Taha Kervan. In addition, most of the olive oil produced is exported.

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The benefits of olive oil have been known for many years. For this reason, we recommend turkish olive oil consumption to everyone.

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Best Olive Oil Country in The World

In our article titled Best olive oil country in the world, information will be given about the distribution and characteristics of olive oil production in the world. It is an important issue for companies engaged in olive oil trade. You can also contact us to buy olive oil and to get information about olive oil. Our company, which is professional in olive oil export, will offer you the most suitable solutions. If you’re ready, we can start.

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Olive Oil Types and Uses

Olive oil types; The adventure he went through from bud to flower, from flower to grain and from there to olive oil collected from the olive branch provides its classification. Factors such as the degree of cold weather in winter, the amount of rain falling in spring, how the summer heat passes, and the measures taken against the olive fly cause olive oil to be classified separately because it affects the acidity of olive oil.