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Turkish olive oil; They are high quality and healthy foods we obtain from olives grown in Turkey. You are at the right place to buy best olive oil. Because, we produce natural olive oil at international quality standards. In this article, we will talk about the olive oil analyzer and what will end on the table. Lets if you’re ready.

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Olive Production

Olive production carry out on an area of ​​10,000,000 hectares worldwide. Most of these areas are in countries around the Mediterranean. The reason for the concentration of olive production in this area is that the most suitable climate for olive cultivation is the Mediterranean climate.

Turkey has an important place in olive production in the world. Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Tunisia are the countries that produce the most olives and olive oil. For this reason, it has experience and knowledge in olive oil export. Meanwhile, Italy and Spain are also at the forefront of olive oil imports.

The journey starts in the olive branch

Olive is a fruit that is indispensable for the tables. Thus, the olive tree grows mostly in the Mediterranean region. The best time to plant olive saplings in the ground is November, December and January. The olive sapling planted in this season is fed from the precipitation in the winter months by releasing its roots into the soil. Because, when spring comes, the roots that are fusing with the soil begin to develop in a healthy way.

The planted olive sapling starts to bear fruit after it reaches 7-8 years of age. Until this time, the soil and the tree need care. It is not possible to get enough yield from the olive tree that is not grown with the right techniques. The soil needs to be fed properly and the tree needs to be pruned properly. The yield of the olive tree increases every year until the age of 35. After that, the yield gradually decreases.

Harvest time

Firstly, Harvest time is very important for olive fruit. Because, The oil content of the fruit increases sufficiently and the ripening of the fruit indicates when the olive harvest time has come. Secondly, The harvest time, which varies according to the region where the olive grows and the type of olive, is usually October and November. Eventuallyi If it is green olives or early harvest olive oil, you can harvest earlier.

The harvesting method of ripening olives is very important. Because, when you can not harvest correctly the olives tree, it produce less fruit the following year. Thus, this situation causes serious economic losses. Meanwhile, Today, olive harvesting processes carries out in the form of hand picking, pole picking and striking with scraper combs, which are traditional methods. Apart from this, there are methods of harvesting with a beater machine and harvesting with a body shaker machine.

Crimping operation

Harvesting olives should be a subject to squeezing as soon as possible. The main reason for this is the increase in the acidity of the waiting olive and the decrease in its quality. One should collect Olives in the garden. After the transportation of olive you should to take it to squeezing machine otherwise it gets damage. Lastly, The squeezing process also determines the quality of the olive.

After the collecting the olives we generally convert into oil by pressing in two ways. Cold press method and hot press method. Firstly, The acid rate of olives with the cold press method is lower. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in the olive pass into the oil without being lost. Because, Olive oils obtain by this method are richer in color, taste, smell and aroma comparing to other methods. Secondly, Olive oil obtain by hot pressing method is more acidic than cold-press olive oil. Apart from that, its color, smell and taste deteriorate.

Turkish Olive Oil Manufacturing

As Olive Oil Manufacturer, we produce Turkish olive oil with the Taha Kervan brand. We grow our own olives in our olive groves in the Mediterranean region. The olives that we harvest with care are taken to the washing unit. Meanwhile, after squeezing we use cold-press and hot-press methods. The olive oil we produce and sell is; as taha kervan virgin olive oil and taha kervan extra virgin olive oil.


Olive oil, which is produce with care, and bottle in the filling machine are fully automatic. Our production is in international quality standards. Eventually, we fill 250 ml glass bottles, 250 ml pet bottles, 500 ml glass bottles, 500 ml pet bottles, 1000 ml glass bottles, 1000 ml pet bottles, 5 liter bottles and 18 liter drums.


In Tukish olive oil production, the labeling step is as important as any other step. Because the label on the product is the first value we see on the shelves. The design and quality of the label affects the customer’s willingness to purchase. For this reason, we apply the labeling process in fully automatic machines.

Would you like to produce private label turkish olive oil?

Olive oil manufacturer produces and sells olive oil under the brand Taha Kervan. But don’t worry. If you have your own brand and want to sell olive oil under your own brand, we can produce private labels for you. Thus, while you focus on your sales, we produce the highest quality for you. Furthermore, you dream it, we produce it for you. If you have a private label olive oil request, please contact us. Our olive oil export team will contact you as soon as possible.


The olive oil after the production we bottle and lable them. It must have a proper package. Turkish olive oil, especially produce for export, should have package with appropriate techniques. Otherwise, it may damage on the way to countries that are miles away. Taha Kervan olive oils, an Olive Oil Manufacturer brand, are packaged appropriately to prevent our customers from being harmed.

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Turkish Olive Oil Delivery

Turkish olive oil, whose production and packaging process is completed. We deliver on the date and time to our customer. Thus, Our customers, who place an order, can see the whole process live if they wish. Meanwhile, they experience professional olive oil importation without any worries. Different delivery methods are available according to customer request.

Ex Works (EXW)

Turkish olive oil, once we finish the production and packaging, we deliver at the Olive Oil Manufacturer factory upon customer request. The customer manages the remaining logistics process and the olive oil importer is the customer’s responsibility.

Free on Board (FOB)

After the production and packaging of Turkish olive oil, we notify the logistic company for transportation. The transfer vehicle of the logistics company brings the container to our factory. Then we do the loading and the transfer vehicle sets out for the port for customs clearance. When this procces completes we load the container onto ship. The process after this stage is under the responsibility of the olive oil importer company.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)

The products for the export of olive oil can be delivered to the address upon the request of the customer. Address delivery option, which is one of the most preferrable delivery methods, implementes by our company. Olive oil, whose production and packaging is finished, is loaded on the transfer vehicle at the factory. The transfer vehicle transfers the container to the port. Afterwards, we discharge to the nearest port or the appropriate port to the address where the customer is. It is transferred to the transfer vehicle to set off to the warehouse specified by the customer. Afterwards, it is delivered to the address at the destination.


Turkish Olive Oil Export

Turkish olive oil exports are gaining more and more importance every year. Turkey is among the countries that meet the world’s olive oil needs. Turkish olive oil produced in high quality is preferred by many countries. Due to Turkey’s location, there are easy shipping options to European, Asian and African countries. For this reason, it is preferred by companies that import olive oil.

Turkish olive oil manufacturer is here!

As an olive oil producer, Turkish olive oil that we produce under the brand Taha Kervan is sent to the whole world. Our company, which invests in production and mechanization every day, will do whatever it takes to become a known and sought-after Turkish olive oil brand in the world. It will struggle to be the best Turkish olive oil. At the beginning of these requirements are quality production, customer satisfaction and reasonable price policy.

Would you like to taste Turkish olive oil?

Would you like to try the olive oil that we have produced with this awareness? We provide a wonderful tasting experience to our customers who want to taste Turkish olive oil. We offer an unforgettable taste to our customers who want to taste extra virgin turkish olive oil while exhibiting our gardens. If you want to visit us and taste Turkish olive oil, just let us know. You can follow us on facebook, instagram and pinterest to be informed about the developments about us.

Turkish Olive Oil FAQs

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