Regions; It contains information about the countries where we sell olive oil.

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We send quality olive oil produced in Turkey to the whole world.

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The quality olive oil produced in our factory is exported to the USA.

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Olive oil obtained from olives grown in our garden is sent to France.

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Taha Kervan olive oil is exported to Germany.

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Hatay is one of the cities where the most beautiful olives of Turkey are grown.

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Taha Kervan is a Hatay brand.

Olive Oil Manufacturers in Turkey

Our article titled Olive oil manufacturers in Turkey has been written for individuals or institutions that want to work with olive oil producers. If you are interested in olive oil trade, we would like to indicate that you are in the right place. We have been producing and exporting olive oil under the brand Taha Kervan since 1977. Continue reading for information about olive oil manufacturer in our country.

Turkey Pure Olive Oil

Turkey pure olive oil; It is olive oil in which the amount of oleic acid in every 100 g is higher than 2%. For this reason, it is not suitable for direct use. It must be subjected to a refining process. In this article, there is information about crude olive oil and its producers. If you’re ready, we can start.