Olive Oil Manufacturers in Turkey

Our article titled Olive oil manufacturers in Turkey has been written for individuals or institutions that want to work with olive oil producers. If you have interest in olive oil trade, we would like to indicate that you are in the right place. We have been producing and exporting olive oil under the brand Taha Kervan since 1977. So, Continue reading for information about olive oil manufacturer in our country.

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Olive Production

Olive cultivation in our country is increasing day by day. Thus, Olive Oil Manufacturers in Turkey, which has a prestigious position in the world in olive cultivation, are constantly improving themselves technically and tactically. Some producers continued their production activities by transferring their experiences from generation to generation, while others observed the capacity in this field and started olive production activities from scratch. Conscious production is one of the most important factors for successful and profitable olive production. Setting goals for olive production and taking decisive steps in line with these goals is the first step.

Climatic features

One of the important factors for olive production is climatic conditions. Because, The most suitable environment for the olive tree to be productive is the seasonal conditions where the summer months are hot and the winter months are mild. Therefore,The olive tree should be in an open area where it can receive plenty of sunlight. Mountain slopes and valley beds under the influence of fog are not suitable areas for olive production. Lastly, Olive trees are known to be resistant to adverse weather conditions.

In order for the olive flower to take hold and turn into fruit, the air temperatures must be within a certain range. Meanwhile, Regions that do not provide these temperatures and where there is a possibility of frost are not suitable for olive production. The olive tree is resistant to cold temperatures up to -5°C in winter, as well as temperatures up to 45°C in summer heat. But the most ideal fruit ripening environment is the values ​​where the air temperatures are 15-20°C. Annual average rainfall of 500 mm is sufficient for the efficient growth of the olive tree.

It benefits from the coolness of the soil because its roots extend deep. Olive trees are irrigated with drip or sprinkler systems until the last spring due to the high temperatures in summer in some regions where olive production is made in our country and in the world. This situation contributes to the larger size of the fruit and increase the yield. However, it should not be forgotten that if this habit is abandoned from the olive tree that is accustomed to irrigation, the tree faces the risk of drying out.

Many farmers who grow olives in Hatay are content with the water by the rain in the season. Because, they do not need to water olive trees. Most importantly, The olive tree is generally more productive in low altitude and close to the sea lands. The olive tree, which loves its place, gives a large crop one year, but gives a small crop one year.

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Soil Properties

The soil structure of the region chosen for olive production is one of the most important factors for the olive tree to survive for many years and to obtain high yields. It is absolutely necessary to have a soil analysis of the planting area before planting the trees in the ground. With this analysis, it gives information about whether the soil is suitable for olive production or not.

If it is convenient, it is important to have information about the amount of fertilizer that this planting area will need. With soil analysis, get samples from different parts of the field and as a result of the analyzes made in the laboratory environment, the missing or excess nutritional values ​​are revealed. Do not forget that fertilization without soil analysis may cause harm rather than benefit.

The needs of olive oil manufacturers in Turkey

The first stage in olive oil production is the vision and mission of the producer. Because, Olive oil manufacturers in Turkey should answer the questions at the beginning of what their goals and duties are. Thus, a full research and development activity carries out with an expert staff. What is the demand for olive oil and to what extent this demand is.

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It is a kind of fruit we obtain from the olive tree fruit. And we consume as olive oil, green table olives and black table olives.

Press machine – plant

It is the name of the machines used to obtain olive oil juice from olive fruit by bringing the olives. And, collected from the olive garden to the olive oil press factories known as the oil house among the people.

Filling machine – plant

It is the necessary machine for filling this unique olive oil. We obtain from olive fruit and provides many benefits to the body, into many kinds of unit packages.

Label maker

It is the machine that ensures that the labels containing some information such as the brand, type and technical specifications of the olive oil filling into the unit packages and attached to the packages.


Olive oil is ready for consumption by filling the olive oil obtained in the press factory into unit packages. In order to ensure safe and secure transportation to the consumer, take care of the package the products and have some corrugated cardboard boxes.

Cities that are olive oil manufacturers in Turkey

Olive cultivation in Turkey. It is widely practiced in the southeast Anatolian region, the Mediterranean region, the Aegean region and the Marmara region. Therefore, olive oil producers make intensive production in some provinces in these regions. Eventually, The main provinces where we produce olive oil in Turkey is as below.

  • Gaziantep-Nizip: It meets 3% of the olive oil need in Turkey.
  • Hatay: It is one of the leading provinces in Turkey in olive oil production and meets 15% of the country’s need for olives for oil.
  • İzmir: It is the province where we produce olive oil and table olives in Turkey. It meets 13% of the country’s olive needs.
  • Manisa: It is one of the provinces where olive production is made in the Aegean region and meets 12% of the country’s olive needs.
  • Aydın: Another Aegean region where olives are grown is our province and it meets 12% of the country’s olive needs.
  • Bursa-Gemlik: It is the province where especially table olives are produced in the Marmara region and meets 6% of the country’s olive needs.

What are the necessary procedures for olive oil export?

Enterprises operating in the olive or olive oil sectors in Turkey need to have certain characteristics and provide the necessary documents for export in order to export these products abroad.

Required documents

Olive oil manufacturers in Turkey need some documents in order to export. The reason for this is that the products produced and to export subject to different regulations in each country. There is a need for quality documents that have international validity and determine the standards related to production. Some of these are Iso 9001, Iso 22000, Fssc 220000 and GMP documents.

Registration with the exporters association

By going to the exporters’ union where legal or real persons who want to export olive oil abroad; After the notarizetion signature samples, the identity documents of the business owner, the activity documents, the power of attorney submitted together with the trade registry gazette, the union registration.

What do olive oil manufacturers associations in Turkey do?

The duty of olive oil producer unions is to come together with the olive oil producers in Turkey. And to increase the quality of production and to make a plan.Thus, to meet the demands reported by the consumer. In this context;

Support to olive oil manufacturers in Turkey

Olive oil producer association member businesses support each other in solidarity by carrying out domestic and international market researches that they cannot do alone due to high costs.

Regional development

It is obvious that the members of the olive oil producers’ association acting together will benefit the development and promotion of the region they are in.

Eliminating competition

Small and large enterprises that are members of the Producers Union support being able to cope with the negative situations that will arise from competition in the region where they operate.

Joint earnings system

With this system, the way of making profits will be open to all businesses that are members of the union.


Enterprises that are members of the Olive Oil Producers Union can institutionalize their businesses more with the working discipline of acting together.

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What is the current situation in the olive oil market?

Olive oil production is increasing rapidly every year in our country. Seeing the demand in the sector, many entrepreneurs turned to olive cultivation.

Export status of olive oil manufacturers in Turkey

Spain is one of the countries where olive oil is exported the most. It has a 3.7% share in the Turkish export market.

Production status

The provinces with the highest olive production in Turkey are; Aydin, Balikesir, Mugla, Izmir, Hatay. According to 2020 data, 175,000 tons of olive oil obtain in Turkey. For 2021, this figure is planned to be 200,000 tons. The countries with the highest olive oil production in the world are; Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia.

Price status

The price situation in the olive oil sector varies periodically. Because, the cost of packaging products and the variability in transportation costs change.

What are the problems of olive oil manufacturers in Turkey?

The issue that olive oil producers in Turkey complain about the most is that the use of olive oil in the country is not at the level it deserves. In other words, consumption is very low comparing to the production rate in the country. Other problems encountered in olive cultivation are field costs.

Fertilizer cost

The use of nitrogen fertilizer is important in terms of affecting the yield of the olive tree. The unexpected increase in the cost of fertilizer causes the producer to be in a difficult situation.


When olive producers cannot keep up with technological innovations, they cannot keep up with the workforce of this sector.

What are the advantages of working with olive oil manufacturers in Turkey?

It would be more advantageous to contact olive oil producers directly and to procure the product directly from the producer. However, it will be possible to reach the product with the requested feature.

Product variety

Olive oil obtained from olive fruit varies due to many factors. Olive oil producers have this diversity.

Flexible production options

Olive oil producers, who can offer the option to produce in line with the demand for the product, will always be one step ahead.

Reasonable price

The fact that the olive oil is bought first hand. It supplied directly from the producer without an intermediary, means that it is affordable in price.

High quality

Olive oil producers with full capacity production facilities are able to provide service without sacrificing quality during the journey of the olive from the branch to the table.


Olive oil producers, who can carry out their work in a transparent way in order to give confidence to the consumer. will ensure that this sense of trust is gained.

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