Turkey Pure Olive Oil

Turkey pure olive oil; It is olive oil in which the amount of oleic acid in every 100 g is higher than 2%. For this reason, it is not suitable for direct use. It must subject to a refining process. In this article, there is information about crude olive oil and its producers. If you’re ready, we can start.

Crude Olive Oil Conversion

Except for standard olive oil production, it is not suitable for direct use due to its acid rate higher than 2%. The main reason why the acid rate is so high is that it is not stored under suitable conditions after collection. Apart from this, foreign materials mixes with olives while harvesting cause an increase in the acidity rate. As a result, crude olive oil, which is not suitable for use in its current form, should subject to the refining process and is purified from harmful parts. During this process, the structure of the olive oil is never damages. Thus, the acidity rate decreases to the level of 0.3%.

What is Riviera Olive Oil?

Crude olive oil, which has a high acidity and is not suitable for direct use, refined and mixed with virgin olive oil to obtain a new oil. We call it riviera olive oil. While raw olive oil is not suitable for use, it is ready to take its place on the tables after this transformation.

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The Reason for Refining Olive Oil

Olive oil production gains by collecting and squeezing ripe olives. This is a very long, laborious and professional process. After collection Fruits from the garden wash well in accordance with food and hygiene rules. Do not use Standard tap water or irrigation during this process. Use distilled and drinkable water. After the washing process, separate the olive seeds, and take to the kneading machine. Because, in the kneading machine, it takes the form of pulp and send to the squeezing machine.

After all these processes, we obtain crude olive oil. This is where the need to refine crude oil begins. Harmful and foreign substances can be found in the crude olive oil obtained. Cleaning and destruction of these substances is important for human health. In addition, these substances cause the acidity of the oil to be high. For this reason, it is not suitable for direct use and must refine. After refining, we can use crude olive oil as refined olive oil or riviera olive oil.

Turkey Pure Olive Oil Refining Processes

Olive cultivation and olive oil production are very common in our country. The main reason for this is that a large part of our land has a Mediterranean climate. Turkey ranks 4-5 in the world in terms of olive oil production and olive oil export. This situation causes the production of crude olive oil to be high in our country.

Many methods are used during the production of olive oil. But all methods show different performance from each other. Especially after the methods used for the production of qualified oil, a lot of olive oil waste is given. In order to prevent these losses, olive and olive pulp that is not well preserved, mixed with harmful products or oxidized is also squeezed to obtain crude olive oil. This crude olive oil can easily used by refining.

Olive oil refining process is the purification process to eliminate the negative situations that occur while obtaining crude olive oil. In this case, olive oil should expose to a 200-degree heat treatment after certain applications and processes. Thus, we destroy all harmful substances in the oil. Refining processes carry out in five different ways.

Turkey Pure Olive

Turkey has an important position in the sale of crude olive oil. If you want to buy raw olive oil or other types of olive oil, please contact us.

Degumming process

It is the first step of the refining process. It is the process of separating the sticky substances in olive oil, namely phospholipids. Phospholipid is a substance that adheres to protein but has no energy value. The substance removed from the oil by the degumming process.

Neutralization process

This process, which is the second step of the refining process, provides the removal of free acid values ​​from the oil. It is the process of separating the fatty acids by heating the crude oil up to 75-80 degrees.

Decolorization process

It is the process of clarification of the color of the crude oil, which has undergone color change after the degumming and neutralization process, and bringing it to an ideal suitability. This process, which is the third stage of the refining process, removes the pigments that cloud the color from the oil.

Deodorization process

This process is the name given to the process of removing the different textures and flavors formed in the oil. This process is carried out thanks to the heat and steam vacuum system, which is increased to 220 to 240 degrees.

Winterization process

This process, which is the last step of the refining process, is the process of clarification of the color of the crude oil, which has passed all stages. It provides the removal of the crystalline appearance formed in the raw oil. Thus, refined olive oil gives the appearance.

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Usage Areas of Refined Olive Oil

Refined crude olive oil is weakened in terms of vitamins and minerals. For this reason, a new oil is obtained from a mixture of 10% natural extra virgin olive oil and 90% refined olive oil. Usage of this oil is widely and especially in the industrial field.

Refined olive oil, which is much healthier than other oils, can be usable in all dishes and you can cook at high temperatures. Refined olive oil is used in dishes cooked in the oven and in dishes consumed by frying. It is also preferrable in foods, we obtain from dough, and call it pastry. Many food manufacturers use refined olive oil to increase the nutritional value of their products.

Turkey Pure Olive Oil Producers

High quality olive oil produced from olive trees grown in the fertile lands of our country. Olive oil production, which is quite high in the regions where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, made by many large and small producers. Because, Crude olive oil producers are located especially in regions that produce olive oil professionally. These regions are located in Tekirdağ, Çanakkale, Bursa, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir, Aydın, Muğla, Antalya, Mersin and Antakya.

Pure Olive Oil Export

We produce and export olive oil under the brand Taha Kervan. We have been in an important position in the olive oil sector, where we have been in existence since 1977. In addition to the extra virgin and natural products that we sell in bottled form, we also sell raw olive oil in bulk.

We export raw olive oil especially to countries with limited olive oil production. We are increasing our customer portfolio day by day by offering the most suitable export solutions to our customers. If you want to buy olive oil, you can get more information by contacting us.

Refined Olive Oil Bottling

First of all, we would like to point out that we do not fill refined olive oil into bottles. This is because refined olive oil mixes with virgin olive oil. Companies that will use directly prefer to buy this product in barrels or tanks. After mixing the refined olive oil with extra virgin olive oil, the riviera olive oil is filling into 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5 liter and 18 liter packages.

Pure Olive Oil Sales

Unrefined Pure olive oil sales are also available. Reselling the Crude olive oil in bulk. Our customers with a refinery request raw olive oil from us to sell it as refined olive oil or riviera olive oil after processing. We also meet these demands of our customers in the best way. If you want to buy raw olive oil, you can contact us.

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Turkey Pure Olive Oil FAQs

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